Resume & Cover Letter Review & Refinement

3 Winning ingredients for a successful job seeker

  • Good idea about goals, interests, demonstrated skills
  • Increasing clarity on personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Focused investment of time, resources, and positive energy!

3 Winning ingredients for a highly effective resume writer / coach

  • Depth and breadth of industry experience at top-tier companies  
    ►   Not just resume / CV writing experience!  For more meaningful resume critiques and career advice.

  • Leadership, management, and functional experience (including recruiting)  
    ►   Understands business needs, management priorities, and the hiring process.

  • Professional marketing strategy & communications experience  
    ►   Your job search IS a marketing campaign!

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Resume Writing Packages

Create Powerful Resumes for Effective Job SearchEffective Cover Letters for new job

3 Distinguishing attributes of a top-tier resume critique + writing service

  • Insightful discussion of strengths, skills, improvement areas (phone or in person)  
    ►   Constructive dialog to explore and understand important issues and opportunities – pertaining to your resume, job search, career goals, and aspirations.

  • From generic to specific – pointers & actionable tips for your particular needs  
    ►   Good principles & professional know-how applied to YOUR specific situation and needs – identifying problem areas, gaps, opportunities for improvement.

  • Feedback & advice way beyond writing / grammar / presentation issues  
    ►   For best results, you need big-picture / strategic advice to improve the content (key messages) in your resume & cover letter. As well as your core professional skills and job search / career advancement efforts.

(Review, Refinement, Strategic Advice)






2 hours of phone consultation in 2 sessions.

4 hours of professional resume review and analysis.



4 hours of phone consultation in 3 sessions.

8 hours of professional resume review and analysis.


6 hours of phone and face-to-face consultation in 4 sessions.

12 hours of professional resume review and analysis.

Review of job description, critical requirements, career objective, current resume strengths & weaknesses.   Starter items +
Refine job search strategy, target positions, identify strengths & transferable skills from other jobs / projects.
  Standard items +
Clarify career goals, ideal job positions, interview advice & talking points.
Detailed resume review for content, language issues, presentation, structure, errors.   Thorough resume review with focus on uncovering strengths and accomplishments.   In-depth resume critique with focus on major overhaul. e.g. career transition / switching industries.
Written report with issues and recommendations.   Written report with issues and recommendations.   Written report with issues and recommendations.
  Limited e-mail support.   E-mail support.
    Phone support.
$595*   $1095*   $1595*

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Get started today – boost your job search and career growth efforts with a powerful, improved resume. Along with sharp professional insights and objective feedback.

Write to me with a brief outline of your background and goals and a copy of your current resume.  I will get in touch shortly with additional details.


NEW!   Special Offer – 2020 Q1

PROFESSIONAL RESUME REVIEW Intro Package —   $100  to  $300

1 hour of phone consultation plus 1-2 hours of objective resume review, identifying key issues and improvement areas. (Content; Format/Presentation; Language issues).

$100  ▶  0 – 5 years of work experience

$200  ▶  5 – 10 years of work experience

$300  ▶  10 – 15 years of work experience

Get started today on your path to a better job and a better life!


*Discounts on resume writing and advisory services:

Special discount for new college grads: 15%

For those less than 5 years out of college: 10%

Special offer for those in between jobs: Pay 75% upfront, 25% after you get a job!


Get started today with a professionally reviewed and refined resume – to market YOUR strengths for your dream job & career!

Contact us with a brief description of your goals, target job/s, current situation, and desired package.

I will get back to you soon to schedule an initial phone discussion (free) to go over the process, clarify any issues, and to ensure we are a good fit.


How to get the best resume critique & advice

The sections below elaborate on the bullet points above. They clarify the major factors that make a big difference when choosing a resume writing service. It explains how top resume coaches leverage their business experience to develop a better understanding of your goals & strengths. That is the required foundation for the creation of high quality, effective resumes – leading to fruitful job search efforts!    👍


Vital pre-requisite for reviewing & writing a winning resume

Writing / updating a professional resume is not just about language / writing skills. What makes a difference is good guidance from people with considerable industry experience – including recruiting experience. Industry professionals with well honed observation skills and good judgment.

More …

To create impressive resumes and cover letters that get you the job / career you are aiming for, the best way to start is getting objective, professional feedback. Valuable critique that includes sharp insights and good, actionable ideas and tips – based on solid strategy & marketing experience. Helping you develop powerful,well-written resumes that effectively present and position your credentials for your dream job.

Professional leadership and management experience also brings with it the ability to provide both positive feedback (on things you are doing well), as well as corrective feedback (on things you can improve) – given in a constructive and encouraging way.

Value of real-world business experience in effective resume development

Resume writing services in the Bay Area are an area where quantity may exceed quality. When you end up with an OK (or worse) service, you do not simply waste a few hundred dollars; the real cost / loss can be substantial – losing out on great opportunities for professional and financial advancement.

Good decision making and judgment (that your employers look for) starts with good personal choices and meaningful investments in your self-development!

More …

For high quality resumes and cover letters that help you get your dream job, the best option is a career coach who understands business priorities and management issues – based on their significant work experience. And who can recognize the relative importance as well as the underlying needs behind the long list of skill and experience requirements on your target job posting.

Professional CV creation and refinement delivers great value for money (ROI) when you are getting resume improvement recommendations that go beyond language / grammar issues and visual presentation. An outstanding resume influences a hiring manager to continue reading, and then add it to their shortlist. That happens when your resume highlights all your varied strengths and demonstrated skills – and the FIT with the job you are seeking.

Top resume writers apply marketing principles for best results

It is good to view this as a marketing exercise. You are the product – and the goal is to enhance your value and appeal in the job-search market – where the company / hiring manager performs the buyer role.

A resume coach with a thorough professional understanding of:

  • strategic marketing principles (not just promotion)
  • buying process (in this case the hiring / recruitment process)
  • effective communication / pitch-writing skills

– can significantly help you shape the marketing campaign that is your job search!

More …

For tips about improving the product itself (another core marketing task), i.e.

  • refining your skills, goals, action plans
  • identifying and building on your strengths
  • addressing any weaknesses and gaps

please visit my career coaching page.


In the section below, you can view a summary of the resume review / resume development process. To get started on strategically improving your job search efforts, please use the links to the contact page.




Resume Review Process

The detailed descriptions of the major steps of the resume review and refinement process are now on a separate page.

You can use the main navigation menus or follow the link below:

Resume Review & Improvement – Major Steps


Get started today

To get started on this vital step towards your new job, please write to me with a brief outline of your background and goals.  I will get in touch shortly with additional details.

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Primary focus on the high-tech / IT industry, spanning business roles (product management, marketing, finance, business development, general management) as well as technical / software development / IT specialist roles.  From new college grads, entry-level positions, to senior management roles.