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Core Professional Skills Inspiration Motivation for Growth Start Self-Improvement Action

Advance your career, job search, life goals with sharp strategies + action plans

Along with polished resumes, cover letters, and enhanced professional skills.   ... More ...

Enhance your life and job prospects with not only a refined resume but also with a set of improved core professional skills - including workplace communications and interview skills.

Get there by applying a better understanding of your strengths and improvement areas.  And by developing a sharp career growth strategy that pursues a "best fit" with your personal strengths, values, life goals, and preferences.

Effective tips + insights from real-world management & leadership experience

Powered by 20+ years of solid industry experience - at top-tier companies in the US and around the world.   ... More ...

From Big 4 consulting firms, Fortune 500 / global corporations, Silicon Valley hi-tech companies - to SMB firms, small businesses, and startups. MBA, Duke University.

Coaching & career counseling to help professionals and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area - from hi-tech companies to other industries. Serving senior management / experienced professionals to new grads & entry-level positions.  Also, strategic advisor & business coach for small business owners, entrepreneurs, aspiring founders / CEOs of startups.

Get started on your personal tune-up and resume makeover

I can help you with clarifying, strategizing, and achieving your goals & ambitions in various areas of your life.   ... More ...

Personal growth, fulfilment, happiness comes from a balance of achievement across the key dimensions of life - personal, entrepreneurial, professional, as well as social, environmental, philanthropic aspirations.

Review the quick summaries of coaching services below - spanning personal growth, personal marketing, and personal effectiveness areas. Contact me when you are ready to boost your life and career. 

Based in Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area, CA - offering phone and face-to-face career counseling and career coaching services. Get started today.


Life & Career
Goals + Vision


Where would you like to go - in the next 100/ 1k/ 10k days?

Review your current list of life and career goals (since the last time it was created or updated!) - in light of your growing and evolving interests, strengths, beliefs, as well as the experience of the past few years.

With the help of insightful discussions with an experienced life & career counselor, create a refined list of personal and professional goals - from the short-term to the long-term.

A competent career counselor can help you define a clear vision of where you see yourself personally and professionally in the next 1, 5 or 10 years. It is a valuable exercise to undertake with a supportive and objective life and career coach, yielding rich rewards in the months & years ahead.



What keeps you going forward and what's holding you back?

Strengths you have demonstrated in the past - and strengths you wish to develop - to overcome any internal hurdles that hinder your progress,

An objective & candid career coach & life strategist can help you analyze your past experiences and develop a good list of competencies you have mastered.

And, an equally valuable outcome, helping you identify some improvement areas. With some professional tips, encouragement, and focused effort, you can start making your vision & goals a reality.

Also see the section below titled the X-Factor for another potent factor that can enhance & power your journey towards success + contentment in life.

Strategy & Plans for Action + Results


Have an up-to-date map and chart a good route yet?

With a refined understanding of your life & career goals, and the inventory of strengths & personal development priorities, it is time to develop strategies and plans that will help you take ongoing and purposeful action to keep moving forward.

Developing an action-orientation is a great thing. But actions, however energetic, cannot help you reach meaningful, complex goals unless they are directed by a well thought out strategy and part of a clear plan.

Career Coaches with real-world experience in strategizing, planning, execution can be a positive and powerful influence in this area - stimulating and challenging you to reach great heights.


Personal Marketing


Tell them what you are capable of and contributions you have made

Apply marketing strategy and communications principles to outline the benefits and features of the product (YOU) to your customers (employers, business partners or funders).

Apply other key concepts such as SEO (for findability) and contemporary layout & writing style to maximize readability and impact.

An experienced career coach / career counselor can help you shape & refine the content as well as the presentation of the final product - so it stands out as a polished and effective resume - enhancing your brand and opportunities.

Professional Resume Review & Refinement Coaching

Personal Marketing
Cover Letter


Tell them how you fit - with their needs and the organization

A cover letter is not simply a summary of your resume. And contrary to what some people believe, the cover letter is not just a formality. It plays a vital role of providing a compelling 30-60 second introduction based on which your resume may or may not be read!

An effective cover letter highlights your relevant experience and strengths in light of the specific responsibilities and requirements mentioned in the job posting.

A career coach who has directly participated in the recruiting process at different companies - can leverage that professional experience to help you draft a succinct and powerful cover letter that furthers your candidacy and chances of success.

Professional Cover Letter Review & Refinement Coaching

Personal Marketing Your own website

personal website wordpress professional marketing yourself

Enhance your brand, online visibility, and professional reputation

A great way to market yourself, by developing and communicating your "brand", is to create your own professional website - highlighting your accomplishments, capabilities, and services. And, importantly, identifying and clearly communicating those unique attributes about yourself or your business, that put you ahead of your competition.

If you'd like to create such a personal website (like this wordpress site) to market yourself and promote your professional reputation online, I can help you get up and running in days.

Including overall site strategy, compelling web content, editing, effective layout and presentation, along with tips that help with high Google rankings (SEO techniques).

Contact me today to get started.


Networking, Interviews & Negotiations

job coach-resume interview-communication skills

Get out there and find or create win-win opportunities

After creating an impressive resume and drafting an effective cover letter, if you follow a good job search strategy, you will line up some job interviews before long.

A competent career counselor & life coach with solid corporate & recruiting experience can give you useful feedback about your verbal and non-verbal communications style for your interviews and networking meetings. As well as tips on handling certain 'standard' but crucial questions with confidence and clarity.

Similarly, when you are negotiating a job offer or asking for a raise / bonus in your current job, a career counselor with deep professional experience can help you learn and apply negotiating strategy concepts and tactics. Powered by these strategies (and practice / coaching from your career counselor), you can make a real difference in your final job offer / pay raise - while maintaining a positive relationship with your current or future manager!

The X-Factor

bay area life career coach supportive caring

Beyond strategies and plans, a powerful ingredient

In addition to all the strategies and steps listed above, and of course, the "believe in yourself" mantra, do not underestimate the power of a supportive friend, partner, or mentor.

Someone who believes in you - your capabilities, plans, and efforts; helps you celebrate your victories and also stays supportive, helping you bounce back (especially emotionally & mentally) when you fall.

It could be someone from your family, circle of friends, professional organization, sports team, etc. It is a good idea to recognize, cultivate, and cherish quality people in your life - who can help you take the lows and highs in stride; give you honest feedback as well as sincere encouragement; boosting your energy, optimism and spirit.

As the wise ones over millennia have observed, success is not about never falling, but rising up, bouncing back, and reaching higher after each fall!

X =
Inspiration * Motivation * Confidence * Energy * Tenacity


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