Auri Biswas
MBA, Duke University

  • Big-4 Management Consulting firm experience
  • Fortune 500 and other leading global corporations
  • As well as SMB, small business, entrepreneurial startups.

Solid corporate leadership, management, and communications experience. Honed at top-tier companies – spanning the areas of: Business & Marketing Strategy, Product Management & Communications, IT & Change Management, directing large and complex projects. Deep exposure to corporate recruiting processes, hiring new grads to senior managers.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in helping others define and reach their goals – and continue my own personal growth in the process! The key to finding a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is taking the time to identify what really matters to you, some meaningful goals that are aligned with your values and beliefs. In the end, we live in the world we help create!

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

Leonardo da Vinci

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Epictetus (via Charles R. Swindoll)


Pursue your vision with renewed vigor and motivation – guided by sharp strategies, clearly defined goals, plans, timelines, execution tips & tactics.  Professional 1-on-1 career coaching for career strategy, career advancement, job search strategy, and relevant skills.


Objective, candid feedback you want – given in a supportive, constructive way – to inspire, motivate, and enable you to reach your goals.  And new ideas, strategies, and solutions that are easier to identify from a fresh, outsider’s perspective.

I can help you develop an up-to-date assessment of your strengths and improvement opportunities – focusing on your productive habits as well as any self-limiting patterns. Helping you move forward fearlessly and energetically, breaking past any obstacles with ongoing, focused action. A path that leads to results, rewards, motivation for the next round, and most importantly, increased self-confidence and power.


The coaching, strategizing, leadership, collaboration, and counseling are based on a wide range of experience in the corporate world (top-tier management consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, and other leading global businesses). As well as entrepreneurial small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits.

Sharp strategy and analysis skills combined with a deeply honed aptitude at helping people surface their underlying concerns, key issues, and real goals – with keen and active listening, quick understanding of both big picture and detailed issues, perceptive and effective follow-up questions.  And assimilating all these inputs together to generate new ideas and innovative solutions tailored to your specific situation and goals.


I have always enjoyed motivating and helping others overcome any obstacles, understand and address any issues or weaknesses, develop skills and strengths, and formulate strategies and plans that lead to desired results. Even people with a strong action-orientation sometimes do not get very far towards their major, meaningful goals. It is very helpful to first develop a good understanding of the overall situation and contributing factors, draft winning strategies and plans, and then bring them to fruition with focused, diligent, and ongoing action!


Your goals & needs. Let’s chat to see if we are a fit – the first call is free – contact me to get started on your path to greater success and fulfillment.



  • MBA, Duke University
  • BS (Engineering), IIT

life career coaching get started get results

Prior Roles:

  • Director of Marketing (Strategy & Communications)
  • Director of Product Management (Product Innovation & Design)
  • Project Director (Large Enterprise Projects)
  • VP, Business Strategy & Portal Architecture (Small Business / Startup)
  • Founder & Chief Architect – Innovative web portal for Nature / Outdoors Events


Personal Interests

I enjoy nature & hiking (10 -15 mile day hikes), travel & photography, exploring places and cultures from around the world. And reading and pondering on a variety of topics including personal leadership, self-actualization, motivation, psychology, management & entrepreneurship, human yearning for meaning, connection, and fulfillment.


SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley, California

Serving cities in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
Primarily, South Bay, East Bay, Peninsula areas.


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